“I have worked for the Walt Disney Company for almost 20 years. I started as an Art Director and have worked my way up to Executive Vice President of Marketing.

I realized that I need some real help in developing new skills. I was excited to be referred to Amy Green at Dynamic Potential.  Amy really gave clarity to a complex situation. She worked hard with me to understand new techniques and gave me new tools to make me a more effective leader and team player. It was an amazing experience to grow again and be able to trust and let someone coach you to a new place.  I am forever thankful for the work that Amy did to help add change and create a new journey to my personal and extend my professional life!”

~John Sabel, Previous Executive Vice President Marketing, The Walt Disney Studios

“Thoughtful, Insightful and Thorough are words that I would use to describe Amy. She is a constant professional with an extensive level of expertise, but most importantly, is great at creating a true connection with everyone she comes in contact with. I would absolutely recommend Amy to anyone looking for a partner in all areas of business and personal matters.”

~Tom Stillwell, CEO Midnight Oil

“Amy was instrumental in giving me guidance during a challenging and transitional time at our company. It was very comforting to have someone from outside of the company who could help me look at the challenges I was facing from a variety of perspectives, and then ultimately assist me with the focus I needed that led to the best possible solutions. She was always calm and positive, a great listener, and she took time to understand our business so she could offer the most appropriate advice. With the constant challenges any successful business faces I have an added sense of security knowing that I can reach out to her when I need advice.”

~Clive Baillie, Senior Partner BLT Communications, LLC

“I am the Managing Partner of a 170-attorney law firm with several offices throughout the Pacific Northwest. Confronted with a particularly vexing problem, our firm engaged Amy to work with the lawyers in one of our offices in a very challenging task – a task that was best described as a combination of (i) team-building among some very disparate highly-autonomous strong-minded lawyers, (ii) overcoming some intensely emotional issues and chasms of both a personal and professional nature that existed between certain members (and by consequence certain factions) within the office, and (iii) refocusing the “team” away from the internal issues to confront effectively the more pressing external business challenges we faced in a highly competitive and challenging marketplace. I-laving dealt with and lived through some of the problems associated with this group of highly talented lawyers prior to engaging Amy, I admittedly was somewhat skeptical that any degree of success was achievable.

Amy’s work and the results it produced were well beyond my wildest expectations. The office is now on its way to becoming one of our most productive, and each individual member having agreed to have his or her success measured by the success of everyone else. Her efforts and the results they produced can only be described as a complete transformation of the office in a very positive way.”

~ Mark A. Long, Managing Partner, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

“Hiring Amy as an executive coach will help you better understand yourself, your goals, and ways to optimize your strengths. She has an uncanny ability to get to know people, to understand what truly makes them tick, and to be aware of what holds them back in life. Her feedback style is caring, direct, honest, and sincere. It’s possible that Amy will take you one step further than you may initially wish to go in terms of understanding yourself. But, if you are open and receptive, she can be a trusted secret weapon that you need to achieve your work / life aspirations. Hiring Amy was definitely one of my smartest decisions, and I highly recommend her.”

~Alan Keith, Vice President at Walt Disney Animation

“Amy is one of the most delightful and professional individuals I have had the pleasure to work with in my 20+ career. I first took notice of her abilities when a close friend’s passions were reignited. Amy has a knack for unearthing the best attributes in people, while placing life’s journey at the center of the conversation. If your looking to take your career or life to a new level, I highly recommend Amy.”

~Brandon Gabriel, President, Brand Experience Strategy at Midnight Oil

“Amy Green is a highly skilled professional development coach. In a sensitive but clear-eyed fashion, Amy helps her clients get “right to the heart of the matter” in identifying things that are blocking greater personal and professional fulfillment. With Amy’s assistance, I have gained more effective communication skills, team building techniques, as well as powerful insights. Amy’s coaching has not only re-defined how I approach business development, but more importantly, how I experience myself in relation to my career and beyond.”

~ Karen L. Stevenson, United States Magistrate Judge, Central District of California

“Amy possesses tremendous knowledge of the legal industry and the diplomatic skills to guide a legal professional to make strategic decisions in difficult times. Definitely the right “coach” for a lawyer!”

~Karen Goodman, Principle at Goodman and Associates
Vice Chair of Legal Malpractice Specialization Commission at State Bar of California

“When I realized that I needed to develop new skills to succeed as a leader of my organization, I was pleased to find Dynamic Potential as my guide on that journey. Amy approached me with the balance of caring and directness that I needed in order to understand the impact I have on people-for better and worse. Amy challenged me to take a new approach to understand the environment around me and use that insight to get better results for the people I influence and for myself. Amy Green was masterful in her ability to help me understand and adapt to the real world challenges I face everyday”

~D.H., VP-St. Charles Medical Center

“Amy is an excellent executive coach. Her approach goes beyond career coaching to address issues and areas that enhance the entire span of your relationships.”

~Pam Anderson, Partner Perkins Coie LLP

“The thing that clinched my decision to work with Amy was a strong sense of her depth and flexibility as a coach. I was wary of coaching because I didn’t want to be squeezed into someone else’s idea of what worked. Amy convinced me that she had the tools to help me build my vision my way, even though I felt burned out and ready to throw in the towel. She has delivered beautifully. There is no treating the symptoms with her, she helps me make my own vision succeed, in the unique way I want to practice. There have been no gimmicks in her coaching, just a persistent, supportive effort to find out what I wanted, what was holding me back, what steps to take. Amy knows the importance of building success from the inside out.”

~Dr. Eric Winder

“Amy has been coaching me for several years. She is an insightful guide as she coaches me through my life situations. Not a single wasted moment or unproductive exercise. What Amy offers is so powerful and valuable. Her practical techniques have deepened my personal life and contributed to the success of my business. She possesses a true gift of coaching; she is clear-eyed, practical and has an empowering manner, always in the context of heartfelt and honest caring. She offers invaluable insight into the real workings of making lasting breakthroughs and commitments.”

~ Lauree Moretto

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